Who Hosting pricing.

So here's the deal. I was tired of bouncing from host to host who would put 100's of accounts on one server making my sites incredibly slow. Thus, Who Hosting was born! We do not put on more than 50 accounts on one server. And our servers are no slouches! Dual Xeon HT 3.2Ghz, gigs of RAM, SCSI drives, offsite and out-of-state backups. They cost us over $450 each per month with this configuration. We're currently hosting as word-of-mouth for friends and family. Have a small hobby or business site that you want to host? Want it to be fast? We're your peeps. We've got one pre-defined plan: 13 bux a month, 1 gig storage, 20 gigs throughput, yaddi yaddi on the other features - whatever you like email account wise and such. Do the math, and you'll soon see that we are not driving Ferrari's here. If you need something else, contact us and we'll talk. If you are a CPU/memory/bandwidth hog, we're not your peeps. We like to keep the servers lightening fast, and aren't interested in overworking the servers for a quick buck. Likewise - if you need a $3/month host or frequent 24x7 support, we're not your peeps. Refreshed by the philosophy? Yer gonna love Who Hosting... Don't like it? That's fine, and I can appreciate that as well - it's not for everyone. The artistic nature of this site is an excellent summation of our philosophy - out of the ordinary! But we encourage you to shoot us a line, we'd be happy to talk more!
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